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Cyber for High School Students

The next generation of Cyber professionals will be trained from an early age, with more and more youths taking an interest starting from their basic education. It is never too early to learn the fundamentals of Cyber, and to understand the threats and solutions involved in cyber crimes. High school students that have an interest in computer science and Cyber can get a head-start with this encompassing course that covers the core subjects of the cyber world. With frontal lectures and practical workshops, high school students can get their feet wet, and even prepare for certification.

Introduction to Cyber

Cyber Security has become one of the most popular fields in technology today, because the demand of Cyber specialists is huge and is only growing every day. In order to get familiar with the industry, you need a baseline understanding of the terminology, methodology, and countermeasures involved. Through theoretical and practical training, this course provides the basic introduction into the world of Cyber for beginners with limited or no previous experience. Familiarizing the students with the basic Cyber concepts, and developing a foundation for further study in the Cyber Security arena are the main goals of the course.


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