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DPO as a service

Due to implementations of privacy protection laws, many organizations need to have a professional function that is responsible for ensuring compliance of regulatory requirements.

TripleP provides you with an outsourced Data Protection Officer, so that you can receive dedicated, expert advice and guidance regarding compliance demands.

DPO as a service includes:

  • Management and ongoing maintenance of the operations and information security required.

  • Advice and guidance relating to requests for individual rights (information, access, correction, objection, deletion, right to data mobility).

  • Customized program for the organization, which identifies, monitors, analyzes and supervises risk and security matters. 

  • Training in protection against cyberattacks, security breaches, physical protection, etc.

  • Providing regular updates to the senior stakeholders regarding new developments of the regulation and any change requiring the company's adjustment.

  • The contact person between the company and the external supervising and information entities of the organization.

  • Providing assistance in all matters relating to the assimilation of the work plan, which is intended to remove dissonances between the regulatory requirements and the existing policies of the company.

  • Assistance with bureaucracy, documentation and new contracts.

TripleP provides CIO and CISO as a service, to help organizations achieve their security goals.

CISO will advise and assist you in implementing the work-plan allocated in the Privacy Regulation readiness process, with risk management enforced throughout the organization.

A CIO has a wide range of IT roles and duties, like positioning strategic IT goals, IT budget planning, align technology with business process that continuously improves. The CIO can help customers running their IT infrastructure maintenance but can also introduce them to the latest technologies and services that will bring added value to the business. For example, they can assist in creating a technology roadmap, a new tools and technologies acquiring plan, etc.

CIO and CISO as a service

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