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Day Seminar / Quick Course for Lawyers

The recent developments which have expanded cyberspace to include much more that computers, such as cell phones, interactive televisions, or the Components of Internet of Things, requires the legal community to consider questions regarding anonymity, breach of privacy, etc. In this seminar, you will gain knowledge in understanding the challenges in the world of cyber from a local and international law perspective.

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Day Seminar / Quick Course for Financial institutions

With targeted attacks on financial institutions on the rise, the financial sector needs to increase cyber awareness while remaining compliant with privacy regulations. As financial institutions are especially susceptible due to their need of storing sensitive and personal data, extra security measures need to be taken. Use of biometric information, risk management, and understanding privacy regulations will be examined in this course, to allow students to understand how to approach the challenges as well as the laws and regulations which are enforced.

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Day Seminar / Quick Course for Directors

It is no secret that the internet has created endless new business opportunities. Along with these opportunities, come dynamic challenges that require reexamination of organizational risk management and business rules. This new reality requires redefinition of the functions and responsibilities of organization employees and managers, mainly in matters relating to risk management, determination of policies regarding cyber security, and compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. Intended for directors and officers of companies seeking to understand the risks and regulations involved in today's cyber space, this course will equip you with know-how and tools necessary to adapt to modern day business practices.

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Day Seminar / Quick Course for Supply Chain Managers

As of today, one of the most dangerous threats in the cyber world is the threat to the supply chain, the components used to build the systems and sub-systems. Supply chain attacks can execute through a variety of attack channels, such as penetration of systems without enough protection, or through use of legitimate software updates to spread viruses, etc. In this course, we will review the existing threats, the various vectors of attack, and provide you with the knowledge necessary to handling these risks.

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Day Seminar / Quick Course for Parents (Dangers of Online Gaming)

- Today's youth spends endless hours engaging in online games, such as the latest sensation, Fortnite. These games however, impose inherent dangers that we, the parents, must understand and prepare our kids for so that they can stay safe and protect themselves. From fraud to pedophilia, these games expose our children to new vulnerabilities and this course can teach you how to minimize risks, and how to cope with the dangers involved.

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SIEM/SOC Training

More and more companies have implemented SOC rooms into their organization, with a SOC team responsible for detection, investigation, and solutions for cyber attacks. The Cyber SIEM training is a practical course that provides highly technical individuals with the required knowledge and specifics of log management systems, and how to correctly use them in real-world applications. This course offers a strong knowledge base for those who wish to enter the Cyber Security industry.

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Employees Cyber Awareness Training

Over the years, cybercrime has evolved and become more sophisticated, and the magnitude of the damage has increased exponentially. Billions of dollars in loss has been attributed to data theft, not to mention the irreversible reputational damage that it has caused. 
Together with the ever-increasing threat, organizations around the world are looking for people who can protect their trade secrets, their customers and sensitive data, and to handle the situation upon attack. The profile of these people normally portray those of high technical abilities, a deep interest in cyber security, and the ability to work under pressure and respond quickly.
This program is a practical course that provides tech-savvy individuals with awareness of the potential dangers of cyberattacks, and with the tools and skills needed to significantly strengthen organizational security.

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