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Joint Security Operations Professional

TripleP Training and Consulting, along with OSAAS India is bringing you first of it's kind cyber security professional course called JSOP(Joint Security Operations Professional). This course equips you with all the practical knowledge required to become a professional penetration tester or to run or be a part of security operation center of any organization.

Our course will be taught by experienced security professionals from both the organizations who have already proved their mettle in the field of information security. Unlike other courses in this domain, this course will consist of 60 hours of live classes along with 1 month of lab exercises. Final exam will consist of a practical Capture the Flag competition based on the things learned in the course.

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Cyber Ethical Hacking

In order to really protect a system, you need to get in the head of a hacker. As a matter of fact, knowing isn't enough. You need to be able to perform the hacks yourself – then you really have the upper-hand. This course enables students to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a targeted system, and demonstrates step-by-step how a malicious hacker would breach the system. Becoming the hacker yourself, through penetration tests, you will obtain inside information into the mind and methodologies of hackers, so that you can be a step ahead in cyber security and protect your system and corporation.

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Cyber Protection Implementation for Engineers

With cyberattacks and espionage targeting key infrastructure, engineers need to prioritize cyber security from the earliest stages of development. This is essential for engineers in order for them to build enhanced, more secure environments and infrastructure. Designed for those with strong technological backgrounds and abilities, this course trains cyber protection implementers with the ability to work in SOC rooms. With a focus on providing practical experience, the course prepares students for becoming Cyber Consultants, and for becoming analysts who oversee cyber events in their company.

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Introduction to Cyber Forensics

When a cyberattack takes place in a corporation, the two most important questions are "how did this happen?" and "what can be done to prevent it from happening again?" Those who can answer these questions, Cyber Forensics experts, become invaluable to a corporation. This course introduces highly technical individuals to the world of Cyber Forensics. Equipping students with the required knowledge and practice of working with Forensic systems, the course graduates will obtain the know-how to correctly apply the system in real-world situations.

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4000 years ago, the Egyptians used to communicate by messages written in hieroglyphics. Humans have been using evolving methods since then to secure our messages. In today's world where cyber security is essential, Cryptography, or the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data, is a mandatory technique used by Cyber professionals. Protecting information in computer systems is the core of this course, from secure communications via encryption and shared key generation, to cryptographic algorithms, and analyzing loop holes and vulnerabilities.

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Windows Cyber Forensics Training

Today's reality poses a huge demand for analysts who can investigate crimes and recover vital intelligence from Windows systems. These crimes include corporate espionage, internal theft, fraud, malicious viruses, and any other type of hacking. To help solve these cases, this course focuses on computer investigations such as: the removal of information from endpoints, the discovery of viruses and malware, memory retrieval and investigations, and analysis of communications and viruses.

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Introduction to Cyber

Cyber Security has become one of the most popular fields in technology today, because the demand of Cyber specialists is huge and is only growing every day. In order to get familiar with the industry, you need a baseline understanding of the terminology, methodology, and countermeasures involved. Through theoretical and practical training, this course provides the basic introduction into the world of Cyber for beginners with limited or no previous experience. Familiarizing the students with the basic Cyber concepts, and developing a foundation for further study in the Cyber Security arena are the main goals of the course.

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Cyber SIEM Training Using SPLUNK

One of the biggest challenges cyber investigators and first responders face is dealing with the large amount of information that must be examined. Within the pile of information, the investigator must be able to identify and track security incidents, analyze security risks, and use predictive analytics for threat discovery. Without systems designed to aid in this process, the work would be never ending. In this course, students will become acquainted with the Big Data system called Splunk, and will learn how to use it to detect cyberattacks, event signatures and Threat Hunting.

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Linux Cyber Forensics Training

With such a wide range of forensic incidents, having the necessary knowledge and skills to examine and process data from a Linux system is very necessary in order to respond effectively and efficiently. There is a need to facilitate the work process, and this course for specialists, experienced in Cyber Forensics, will strengthen investigation skills by teaching you the LINUX system. Learning to identify, capture, and examine data from Linux systems, will allow you to reach invaluable information and insights in an organized manner. You will learn the valuable skills of working with the system, and develop techniques to improve your ability to respond and handle Cyber incidents.

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The A-Z of Cyber

The past few years have been filled with cyberattacks, and the cyber security sector has grown significantly. Even those with little technology experience have suddenly taken an interest due to the vast opportunity that this growing industry holds. Designed for students with little to no background in computers, this course prepares you in becoming a cyber protection implementer as defined by the Israeli cyber defense system, and with the ability to work in SOC rooms which will enable you to become a cyber consultant and analyst overseeing cyber events on a corporate level.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

More and more companies today understand the detrimental impact of cybercrime on the company's revenue and reputation, as well as the need for fool-proof protection. Rapid and accurate responses to security events is crucial, and students of this course will be able to provide important answers, such as the point of entry into the organization, how many positions have been posted, how to sign the attack, etc. This course is intended for people with backgrounds in operating systems and communications.

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