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Over the years, the magnitude of cybercrime worldwide has increased exponentially. Billions of dollars worth of corporate money and private data has been hacked and stolen, and the damage to organizations has been irreversible.  As computing dependence grows, so do the ongoing vulnerabilities.


Together with the ever-increasing threat, organizations around the world are looking for people who can protect their trade secrets, customer database, and, if necessary, analyze and manage the incident of the attack. The profile of these people is one of high technical ability, and a desire to keep obtaining new defense tools that will allow them to understand the latest trends of attacks, and to be able to take all preventive measures and respond quickly and efficiently to attacks.


TripleP's Hackademic offers Cyber courses that take both a theoretical and practical training approach, for students with no background in Cyber, to C-Level professionals that want to progress and stay on top of the latest advancements.  Fundamental topics include basic Cyber Terminology, courses on attack types and vulnerabilities – including known and unknown threats (Zero-Day, APT), Ethical Hacking, Forensics, Security Management, Methodologies, and more.  The goal for TripleP graduates is to familiarize the beginners with the world of Cyber and to develop a foundation for further study in the field, and for the professionals, to advance them in their careers and ensure that they position themselves as industry leaders.

Executive Courses

Professional Courses

Youth Courses

Miscellaneous Courses

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