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Training as a Service

With TripleP's Practice Environment, students can quickly and accurately implement their newfound knowledge in the workplace. 


For this unique course, we have created practice environments that are in the cloud and accessible to our students anywhere and at any given time.  When students approach the practice environment from home, they experiences both self-learning and receive the practical experience that will contribute to their success in the course and at work. 


Each student enrolled in a particular course receives an environment that contains all the exercises and labwork included in the course. If a student wants to continue the practice that took place in the classroom, all he has to do is connect to the environment from home and continue exactly from the point where he left off. The environments are resettable and replicated so that each student has a completely private environment.


Regarding the instructor, he can enter environments upon request, check exercise work, and guide as in the classroom.

Executive Courses

Professional Courses

Youth Courses

Miscellaneous Courses

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